IDR  Interactive Delphi Reconstructor

Two obligatory files are necessary for IDR:

Idr.exe an executable program file,
dis.dll disassembler module

Also it is necessary at least one of knowledge base files of Delphi version which files are necessary to decompile. For decompiling the files created by any supported versions, all knowledge base files are necessary. The same condition also concerns auxiliary files which are necessary for more correct definition of Delphi version.

kb2.bin knowledge base file for Delphi 2
kb3.bin knowledge base file for Delphi 3
kb4.bin knowledge base file for Delphi 4
kb5.bin knowledge base file for Delphi 5
kb6.bin knowledge base file for Delphi 6
kb7.bin knowledge base file for Delphi 7
kb2005.bin knowledge base file for Delphi 2005
kb2006.bin knowledge base file for Delphi 2006
kb2007.bin knowledge base file for Delphi 2007
kb2009.bin knowledge base file for Delphi 2009
kb2010.bin knowledge base file for Delphi 2010
kb2011.bin knowledge base file for Delphi XE
kb2012.bin knowledge base file for Delphi XE2
kb2013.bin knowledge base file for Delphi XE3
kb2014.bin knowledge base file for Delphi XE4
syskb2.bin definition file for Delphi 2
syskb3.bin definition file for Delphi 3
syskb4.bin definition file for Delphi 4
syskb5.bin definition file for Delphi 5
syskb6.bin definition file for Delphi 6
syskb7.bin definition file for Delphi 7
syskb2005.bin definition file for Delphi 2005
syskb2006.bin definition file for Delphi 2006
syskb2007.bin definition file for Delphi 2007
syskb2009.bin definition file for Delphi 2009
syskb2010.bin definition file for Delphi 2010
syskb2011.bin definition file for Delphi XE
syskb2012.bin definition file for Delphi XE2
syskb2013.bin definition file for Delphi XE3
syskb2014.bin definition file for Delphi XE4

Use next links to download necessary files:

Main executable file29.09.2016875.332 Bytesmd5: 5FCAC9E2E57466ACEB6B8B0AE1161BA9
Auxiliary files29.09.2016480.658 Bytesmd5: 100BFEE11683631FE7AA8EB375B744D2
Knowledge base for Delphi 229.09.20161.318.549 Bytesmd5: DC478931D3DE16CCDDB202871041B19E
Knowledge base for Delphi 329.09.20161.833.155 Bytesmd5: 815911627C7F55AAABFF0AEAC310CE2F
Knowledge base for Delphi 429.09.20162.568.254 Bytesmd5: C7949BA2119E578665AAEF709E0BE3C1
Knowledge base for Delphi 529.09.20163.269.706 Bytesmd5: 6DF08B127E600F316F8CBDE9CD35C671
Knowledge base for Delphi 629.09.20164.808.904 Bytesmd5: 83C7F541795151A7D4D5C54958468AE3
Knowledge base for Delphi 729.09.20165.404.675 Bytesmd5: B3E9DEEA127FCF6CBCAC89E46884FBDD
Knowledge base for Delphi 200529.09.20166.176.532 Bytesmd5: EDFEDDEC4F64857B74A6DA6A094BE500
Knowledge base for Delphi 200629.09.20166.368.942 Bytesmd5: 13BFD9CE70144CAD8A481C42AA046A6C
Knowledge base for Delphi 200729.09.20166.926.713 Bytesmd5: D641D9184C75AAC0E4DEB16A42CF0AA4
Knowledge base for Delphi 200929.09.20168.012.231 Bytesmd5: 16645847CF4269EDC3576F13631603C1
Knowledge base for Delphi 201029.09.20167.531.782 Bytesmd5: 4D7654008E30B7425DCD882EAA9BD5C0
Knowledge base for Delphi XE29.09.201612.939.410 Bytesmd5: 9E4CD1A0F2300A9A7F04B38D29E2EB43
Knowledge base for Delphi XE229.09.201611.116.980 Bytesmd5: A8C1C06F4CA8BA4E8313FDEC15BE610F
Knowledge base for Delphi XE329.09.201616.350.429 Bytesmd5: 8FE9D30F419D083D6C901872B822492B
Knowledge base for Delphi XE429.09.201614.978.240 Bytesmd5: 12EC540398092879AF3C2F5E3198821D
English Help file10.03.2010152.030 Bytesmd5: 0CE23369ED8EF9EA2393166AF3B543F8
New Year build (piblic version):
Main executable file14.02.2013832.575 Bytesmd5: A061AB569CDD8149A29306625CF21D71
Auxiliary files29.12.2012436.195 Bytesmd5: 1BBF3F83CAF09EF4A653E036DEA05469
Knowledge base for Delphi 222.12.20121.318.542 Bytesmd5: D308B7E1D2E0F9FB0045E0B4AD7333D2
Knowledge base for Delphi 322.12.20121.758.262 Bytesmd5: CB0A97970F079867320632937762469D
Knowledge base for Delphi 422.12.20122.404.050 Bytesmd5: B511B59BD44C2748F944ACFD3708C9BD
Knowledge base for Delphi 522.12.20122.977.490 Bytesmd5: 8878E0A73A983C4779DD249D570D7CAF
Knowledge base for Delphi 622.12.20124.824.120 Bytesmd5: 373F775AC50FE8CE55CF117A4646BE35
Knowledge base for Delphi 722.12.20125.399.871 Bytesmd5: 4C954C00063D1400EF67890BE5658323
Knowledge base for Delphi 200522.12.20126.171.496 Bytesmd5: A4336C5372DBF2363CC0996D102FD482
Knowledge base for Delphi 200622.12.20126.373.056 Bytesmd5: CDF663D6D55DBBF014BB6693886A93E6
Knowledge base for Delphi 200722.12.20126.940.571 Bytesmd5: B91429B6BA63BF33C74D1C98D421A114
Knowledge base for Delphi 200922.12.20128.068.923 Bytesmd5: 5CA755C89119B95B4D986DCEC993DB7F
Knowledge base for Delphi 201022.12.20127.558.821 Bytesmd5: 6683C7D2983542C67187FFCC58180C86

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